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Pet-insta-sitter: wonderful care, awesome pictures

I would love to take care of your dog and make some lovely photoshoots of him/her. I really enjoy taking pictures, so not only your dog will get the deserved love, you will also get some great shots to share.

A little bit about myself:
I'm originally from Brazil and currently visiting my sister in Haarlem. I'll stay in The Netherlands until July and what a better way to get to know the city than to walk dogs!

My precious companions, Penne and Anna (mix breeds) are in Brazil and I've trained them to behave around the house, around strangers and some basic tricks. I miss them a lot! I would be more than happy to take care of your dog as I do for my own.

My sister told me about this website (you can check her profile here: https://www.petbnb.nl/hondenoppas/nederland/haarlem/great-petsitter-in-the-leidsebuurt-haarlem-6960) and I had the chance to take care of two of her regular guests already.

Don't hesitate to contact me, I have a lot of free time and the house is great for having any breed around with lots of space.

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Akita Inu · Amerikaanse bulldog · American staffordshire terrier · Anatolische herder · Argentijnse dog · Bandog · Boerboel · Bullmastiff · Bull terrier · Cane Corso · Dogo-Canario · Fila brasileiro · Kaukasische owcharka · Rottweiler · Staffordshire bull terrier · Tosa · Zuid-Russische Owcharka

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3 beoordelingen
Uitlaatservice | 06-06-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Sally, Kruising
Vrouwtje, 10 maanden
Uitlaatservice | 23-05-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Guilherme is heel erg toegewijd en was geduldig met onze hond, die nog moest wennen. Een echte hondenliefhebber en hij maakte ook nog eens mooie foto's!
Sally, Kruising
Vrouwtje, 10 maanden
Dagopvang | 14-05-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
One haaappy little dog, thanks Guilherme! Finn really enjoyed his time with you. See you soon! :)
Finn, Franse bulldog
Mannetje, 7 maanden
Guilherme is a very caring person, attentive and smart. He is currently visiting me in Haarlem, staying on our guest room. I'm a petbnb sitter for over 4 months now. Having had such lovely experiences with the dogs I've hosted I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for him to get to know the city better and meet new people. Make sure to contact him to get to know him better, visit our house and you will see your dog will be in very good hands.


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