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Thiago Palmeira
Logeren | 21-06-24

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This was Chester’s second stay with Mike & Anastasia’s, and all went well with no issues. When dropping off Chester, he was happy to arrive and ran right in, looking for other guests to play with. Please excuse his occasional overtaking of the couch ;)
Chester, Duitse herder
Mannetje, 6 jaar en 11 maanden
Logeren | 29-05-24

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Ranger loves going to stay with Anastasia and Mike and thinks of it like his second home. He walks in as if visiting a friend. This is how you can tell that your pets are comfortable and that they care and love him as their own. We love the pictures we get while he is with them. He is on a special diet and they always accommodate. We couldn't ask for better pet sitters. Our minds are at ease when we are away. <3
Ranger, Duitse staande hond
Mannetje, 4 jaar en 0 maand
Thiago Palmeira
Logeren | 27-05-24

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Thanks, Anastasia and Mike for taking care of Chester during his second week in the Netherlands after arriving from abroad. Chester was happy and well cared for, and I appreciate the communications, pictures, and local tips for dog owners in the Wassenaar area.
Chester, Duitse herder
Mannetje, 6 jaar en 11 maanden

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25 jaren ervaring

We're Anastasia and Mike and we love animals 😍

Dear clients, please note if you mention in a booking you want to pick up your pet at 10am please be sure you will be at 10am to pick up your dog. We can't wait sometimes for 2 or even 3 hours because we also have our own plan to rest, to clean apartment and meet with friends or family. It's very inconvenient to change our plans each time with almost each client. And to be in "waiting mode". Please, if you'll be delayed up to 15min please let us know. We have to pack all things from your pet and while we are doing it dog is very excited and in this excited mood crying or barking for half an hour or more and it's not so easy to handle. So please be on time. Thanks.
P.S. if you've got an emergency/some accident and you cannot pick up your dog on time please let us know. Thanks.

And yes please feel free to remind us about your booking/meeting. We will appreciate it. This app is a mess and it's easy to lose your contact. I cannot find your messages if I don't remember your dog name. And its often when dogs names are the same from different owners.

Something is about me and Mike. I was a volunteer in my country for saving stray cats and dogs. I've got really lots of experience with sick cats,pregnant cats,kittens.and puppies. I can do injections for cats/kittens/dogs if needed. Also i was an assistant for cats castration surgeries.

We love dogs as well. Any kind of them small or big. :)

I'm a professional musician and have a diploma teacher of music, artist of orchestra and ansamble. Also Ive got 3 years of experience as a music teacher at the music school , my students were children from 6 to 16 years old. I'm from family were my mom was a school teacher and grandmother.
I'm learning Dutch now, but for now i only can speak English or Russian, and I can understand some Dutch.
Now we have only a parrot 🦜 in a cage. My partner Mike was always had dogs since we was a child. He is dreaming about husky. :)
Please, feel free to contact us and we can find a way, so I can help you with you pet.
Also I promiss to follow your recommendation how to take care of your loving pet :)

P.S. Im sorry but I cannot use my WhatsApp for Petbnb contacts.

An important notes:

1. we take more than one dog. Not always, but at high seasons we are busy like all other sitters. Our guests dogs are friendly, sweet and non conflict dogs/puppies. Conflicts are not allowed here we live in apartment. And our neighbors wouldn't be happy , lol.
Dogs can be separated from each other in different rooms or in 1 room with a barrier to have their privacy and get rest from playing. It's also depends from each guest what they like and how is better for them. As an example , if they are similar age and size and both like to play with each other why should we stop them playing and be happy ( under my supervision of course)
if your dog is a bit old and needed more rest than a puppy, we will let her/him to rest away from younger dogs. And cetera.
We are focusing on your dog safety, health and emotional state.
If you want your dog to get more social this is the best way to leave your dog with us because she/he will be surrounded with very friendly buddies who will not response on her/his irritation or grumpiness. Dogs learn from each other very fast. They become more social and forget about their fears from the past if something has happened to them.

We live on the 2nd floor. If your dog doesn't know how to walk stairs, you'll be surprised how fast they are learning from each other and some of them really love stairs and is ready to run up and down haha

Also our apartment building is located next to 2 beautiful parks the perfect place to walk with dogs. Literally 1min walking to it. And 10min away by the car from the beach, and another big park where dogs can be released ( only if they are not going to swim)
If we are not very busy we take a car or a bicycles and go to the beach or big park to walk with dogs.
Thank you 😊

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