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How not to love?

I live with my fiancé and we both had dogs pretty much our entire lives and we recently moved to the Netherlands (but unfortunately didn't manage to bring our dogs here yet =/), we'd love to take care of your dogs for you as if they were our own! We really love dogs and it doesn't matter how old they are or which size or breed.

We live in a spacious house, with a garden and very close to some nice areas for taking the dogs for walks and also playing outside if the weather allows for it. During their stay they will always be free to roam around the house, and there's plenty of space for them in the living room to lay down all stretched out!

I'm at home for the vast majority of the day, therefore they will receive a lot of attention and caress from me =D. If you have any doubts or questions you can contact me anytime during the day and I'll be glad to get back to you and hopefully take care of your loved puppies ;).

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14 beoordelingen
Logeren | 25-05-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Our dog was already for the third time for a stay with Lenise and he was very pleased and enthusiastic seeing her again, and that says it all????
Siep, Bearded collie
Mannetje, 4 jaar en 4 maanden
Dagopvang | 25-03-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Lenise and Charles are the best dogsitters you could wish for! They are the reason we can go to work (or on a holiday) and not worry about our dogs at all. They love them just as much as we do. Every time we go to their house, our Golden Retriever runs from the car to their front door and announces her arrival with loud barking. And our Greek rescue dog cuddles up with Lenise on the couch as if he were home. Seeing them both so happy around them, is the best proof we can get that Lenise and Charles provide a warm, loving 2nd home to our dogs while we are working or traveling.
Floor , Golden retriever
Vrouwtje, 6 jaar en 4 maanden
Joep, Kruising
Mannetje, 3 jaar en 1 maand
Logeren | 05-03-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
George, Markiesje
Mannetje, 2 jaar en 8 maanden
Bentley, Cavalier king charles spaniel
Mannetje, 8 jaar
Logeren | 14-02-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Our dog was with Lenise for the second time, he was very enthousiastic and so were we.
Siep, Bearded collie
Mannetje, 4 jaar en 4 maanden
Dagopvang | 21-01-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
It seemed to me that she and my dog really liked eachother which is good to see.
Willie, Beagle
Vrouwtje, 1 jaar en 2 maanden
Logeren | 01-01-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Voor de logeer partij eerst even kennis gemaakt. Dibbes voelde zich direct thuis. Leuke vriendelijke mensen, zeer lief voor dieren. Ik ga zeker terug keren!
Dibbes, Labrador retriever
Mannetje, 9 jaar en 6 maanden
Logeren | 06-12-18

Geverifieerde beoordeling
My Buddy was relaxed after spending the night with Lenise and her husband. Next visit will be for a longer period.
Buddy, Labradoodle - Medium
Mannetje, 2 jaar en 9 maanden
Logeren | 01-12-18

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Siep, Bearded collie
Mannetje, 4 jaar en 4 maanden
Logeren | 13-11-18

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Bella heeft het weer geweldig gehad bij Lenise en Charles. We kunnen ons geen beter logeeradres wensen.Het zijn gewoon haar vaste pleegouders. Dit keer een langere periode en Lenise stuurde af en toe een fotootje en update, wat voor ons heel erg fijn was. Dank jullie wel.
Bella, Kruising
Vrouwtje, 1 jaar en 5 maanden
Logeren | 19-08-18

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Great hosts, gave our enthusiastic dog all the attention and playtime she needed. Thank you and definitely until next time.
Roxy, Engelse springer spaniel
Vrouwtje, 1 jaar en 10 maanden


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