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Time spent with animals makes me happy

I grew up with multiple pets. In my childhood/teenage years, I had all sorts of pets - from cats and dogs to chinchillas, rats, snakes, spiders, lizards, and more. I loved them all dearly.
However, as time passed I moved countries and began my student life. Therefore it was not sustainable anymore to keep having pets. It made my life a bit sad since I was used to their presence. To compensate I started looking for additional options so I could petsit or take someone else's pets for walks.
I took care of my boss's dog (a very poorly trained boxer and malicious mix) from a local Groningen store. I went to the training lessons with her, took her for walks, and pettsitted her for a few weeks. I also regularly petsit one of my client's cat when they go away for holidays (around twice a year). Besides that, I took my acquaintances and friends' dogs for occasional walks.
Also, when I'm back home in Lithuania, I usually take care of 2 cats and a dog that my father owns.

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