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Dog Boarding | 14-05-24

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I wish I had read a review like the one I'm going to post before leaving my dog ​​at these people's house. To begin with, he has three dogs, it's true but he has his dogs locked in cages in the yard, what kind of person keeps his dogs locked in cages so he can "take care" of other people's dogs if his own are not taken care of. I left him wearing a harness with a GPS tractive device (since we explained that the last time at a sitter our dog escaped from his house and we had a bad experience because we were in another country). When I left my dog ​​there they turned off the GPS, despite them agreeing since when we left our dog we explained it to them. The GPS was inactive for more than 24 hours. After this we contacted him worried to activate it, he responded that he felt watched if my dog ​​had a GPS, after activating it the GPS did not move from his house in any of the 6 days that the dog has been with them. This makes me think that the dog has not gone out for a walk because the day I went to pick him up, I found my dog ​​and other dogs locked in cages without our consent. The man told me that our dog had already been in the yard for 30 minutes (when he should have gone outside). This man does not treat dogs well, he had a spray and every time one of the dogs locked in cages barked or made noise he sprayed the liquid from the spray on it (I hope it was water) to make it quiet (he did this in front of me) . We asked him for a photo of our dog and he responded saying that he would send it to us another day, none of these photos showed our dog on the street, all of them are inside his yard. Our dog came home smelling bad and reeked of tobacco as if he hadn't left the house in 6 days. It really seems incredible to me how a person like this can have so many reviews on this application seeing how they treat the animals, this makes me think that the other people who have left their review have not seen how they really take care of the dogs. If you really care about your dog, don't leave it in the hands of these people. At no time have we seen Yvonne in the two times we have been to her house, but rather a man who I imagine is her partner.
Anouk , Siberian Husky
Male, 2 years 11 months

Response from Yvonne

First of all, don't tell me what i must do whit my dogs. you don't now anything about me. As 2de no dogs were a harness when he's here. They can't go anywhere here but you just want to check on me, well you do that with someone else. As 3rd everybody Come here first to meet ( but no not you ) you drop him here and off you go. We also tell the cliënt what we do when a dog barks to much and yes it's water, that has never killed a dog. As 4th it's not a cage but a crate where many dogs sleep in. Here they go in the crate to rest after they played outside for 1 á 2 hours or after enting so there belly must rest because there is a risk invold. There belly can turn when they play after eating and that can kill them. As 5th It was mutch to Hot for walking and so I put a bad with cold water outside so they could cooling off. youre dog has a very good time here. He enjoy every minute. 6th you apparently don't know anything about dogs at all so don't judge me.

Doggy Day Care | 11-05-24

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Mac, Cairn Terrier
Male, 0 year 6 months
Doggy Day Care | 11-05-24

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Guus heeft een hele leuke dag gehad.
Guus, Boomer
Male, 1 year 0 month

About me

35 years experience

Betrouwbaar, een echte dierenliefhebber. Flexibel.

Hallo, ik zal mezelf even voorstellen. Ik ben Yvonne ben 54 jaar oud en woon samen met mijn vriend en dochter in Haelen. Samen hebben we 3 mechelse herders. Moeder en 2 zonen. Ik heb altijd honden gehad.. Je kan wel zeggen een echte hondenliefhebber. Zijn heel sociaal in de omgang en lief voor kinderen. Spelen graag met een bal. Heb mijn diploma behaald en mag mij officieel aanschrijven als hondenoppasser. Bent u op zoek naar een betrouwbare, lieve en ervaren hondenoppas aarzel dan niet en neem zo snel mogelijk contact met mij op. Ik heb zelf vervoer dus kan snel bij u zijn. Ik ben alle dagen beschikbaar van 8.00 tot 22.00. Andere tijden in overleg.

Additional skills
Knows pet first aid/CPR
Can administer oral medication
Has experience with difficult dogs

Yvonne's availability

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Yvonne looks after

  • Small (0-10 kg)
  • Medium (11-25 kg)
  • Large (26-45 kg)
  • X-large (> 45 kg)
  • Cats
Additional preferences
Will care for puppies (<12 months)
Will care for adult dogs (1-8 years)
Will care for senior dogs (8+ years)
Will host males that are not neutered
Will host females that are not spayed
No females that are on heat
Breeds Yvonne has experience with:
Airedale Terrier · Appenzeller Sennenhund · Australian Shepherd · Beagle · Beauceron · Belgian Shepherd · Bernese Mountain Dog · Boomer · Border Collie · Cairn Terrier · Cane Corso · Cavalier King Charles Spaniel · Chow Chow · Drentsche Patrijshond · German Shepherd · German Shorthaired Pointer · Miniature Schnauzer · French Bulldog · Galgo Espanol · Golden Retriever · Hovawart · Jack Russell Terrier · Mixed Breed · Medium Labradoodle · Standard Labradoodle · Labrador Retriever · Maltese · Belgian Shepherd · Belgian Shepherd · Belgian Shepherd · Pug · Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever · Old English Bulldog · Old German Shepherd Dog · Poodle · Rhodesian Ridgeback · Rottweiler · Miniature Wire-Haired Dachshund · Samoyed · Shih Tzu · Siberian Husky · Czechoslovakian Wolfdog · Weimaraner · Shorthaired Weimaraner · Welsh Terrier · Yorkshire Terrier · Berger Blanc Suisse
Breeds Yvonne doesn't look after:
American Staffordshire Terrier · American Bulldog · Anatolian Shepherd · Dogo Argentino · Bandog · Boerboel · Bull Terrier · Bullmastiff · Cane Corso · Perro De Presa Canario · Fila Brasileiro · Caucasian Shepherd Dog · Rottweiler · Staffordshire Bull Terrier · Tosa · South Russian Ovcharka

Yvonne on Petbnb

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Passed assessment
Calendar updated: More than a week ago
Repeat guests: 27
Response time: within a few hours
Response rate: 100%

Yvonne's home

Fenced outside space
Smoking household
Has children
Has no cats
Has no caged pets
Has 3 dogs
Yvonne's pets
Belgian Shepherd, Male
8 years 2 months
Belgian Shepherd, Male
8 years 2 months
Belgian Shepherd, Female
11 years 8 months

When your dog stays in Yvonne's home

Dogs allowed on furniture
Dogs not allowed on bed
Potty breaks every 2 - 4 hours


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