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Hi! Thanks for checking out my profile!

My name is Samantha and I am an animal lover of all breeds, sizes, and personalities! I am half German half Thai, and I grew up in Thailand surrounded by all sorts of animals, most being dogs and cats. At home, we have always had both dogs and cats because I love both dearly and love having them in my life. Now that I live in Utrecht, my father takes care of them. But that means I unfortunately don't get to spend as much time with dogs and cats as much as I would like to. This is why i'm on petbnb! (i'm also on Pawshake, in case you wanted to also see previous reviews over there!)

What I can provide:

I care greatly about the comfort of your pet, and can ensure your pet will be safe. Being a Master's student, I have the privilege of having flexible hours so I can look after your pet either with house visits (up to several times a day if needed), house sitting, or dog walking.*

Something close to my heart are animal rescue foundations, such as my local one at home which I have been a shelter and flight volunteer at. Some of the pictures in my gallery shows some of the amazing dogs I cared for at the shelter called the Soi Dog Foundation, as well as the local government shelter. Growing up in Thailand, I there are a lot of homeless dogs and cats and sadly many abuse cases. Because of this, my local animal shelter has many dogs that have behaviour and trust issues, or issues with aggression, which is something I have experience in helping with. So if your dog has a personality or behaviours you are afraid some other pet sitters may struggle with, I am your person!

I promise your pet will get the exercise, love, and play time your pet wants and needs. I know I will also love doing it!

Specific skills:

I have the experience and patience to work with dogs with behaviour/aggression issues, as well as those who are very shy. I understand that some dogs/cats are wary or even scared of new people, and I have the experience to make the experience with the dog/cat a pleasant one so the next time they feel more comfortable.

Next to this, I am also very happy to work with outgoing and energetic dogs, and also to challenge them with intellectual games and help teach them new tricks or develop and work on certain behaviours if you would like!

Looking forward to hearing from you and your pet soon!


*(Please note that travel expenses for bookings not within biking distance from the center of Utrecht will also need to be covered)

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