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Happy dog, happy family

Hello dog owners, I'm Annie and anyone who knows me knows I love dogs. I got my first puppy (Labrador Weimaraner) which I named Cleo when I was ten years old, and being away from home for university has made me realise how difficult it is to live in a house without dogs. Aside from Cleo, my family has three other dogs (smaller breeds) for which I would share responsibility and care. I have also looked after dogs of friends while they've been away for long holidays, adopting one when a friend of mine left the country. I've always been surrounded by dogs and dog lovers and want nothing more than to bring that love back into my life here in Groningen. Living in the centre means I don't have very far to travel for classes so I spend most of my time at home studying and doing projects. This means my schedule is extremely flexible and can be shaped around your preferential walk times, potty breaks and feeding routines.

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Dagopvang | 20-02-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Annie is a natural talent with dogs.My dog loves her. She is very responsable and in time with her appointments. Great.
Lisa, Friese stabij
Vrouwtje, 4 jaar en 1 maand


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