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My name is Karoliina and I am a 22-year-old dog lover. I live in Amsterdam and I'm a third-year student at the University of Amsterdam. I own a Franch Buldog who is turning 11 this year but unfortunately, he lives back in my home town Tallinn with my parents. I was a professional dog handler for 6 years and I have been training dogs for dog shows for 4 years. I moved to Amsterdam two years ago and have been constantly looking for some kind of activity which is related to dogs. Until now I have been babysitting dogs over 2 years already in Amsterdam!

As I mentioned I have been a professional trainer for years but after moving here it is quite hard to continue something that specific. Rather, I decided to do something for fun and for a little money. I can take your dog to long walks in wonderful Amsterdam park or go for smaller walks. I can also pet sit your doggie in my lovely small apartment and share kisses and cuddles with your dog. If needed I could also pet sit your dog in your house a bit way from Amsterdam.

I have many experiences about handling a dog and preventing dangerous situations with other dogs. Especially I have learned this skill from dog shows, where you have thousands of dogs in a small area. I noticed those small signs what doggies are doing and trying to tell. My main goals are to have safe walks and build trust between me and the dog. Also, I have experience with different kinds of breeds - toy breeds, terriers, working dogs, many Spitzes (especially Pomeranian and Samoyed), and also hound dogs. My biggest passion has always been Dobermans.

Also, I'm a photographer, so I can take beautiful photos of your dog while it spends time with me! (For a small additional fee)

You can see also pictures of me and my doggie (French bulldog), my dog show pictures and also doggies who I have been babysitting before.

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