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I'm a 45 year old Italian woman, I'm sorry I don't speak Dutch for now, I speak English and French. I am a visual artist, and I work at home. I love all animals, especially dogs. In my life I have always lived with animals, I'm able to give medicines and underskin injections to dogs if it's necessary. I have a car.
I don't drink alcohol, I don't use drugs, I am a punctual and reliable person, I'm athletic and I have strength even for the biggest dogs, but obviously I need to do a test, if I don't have enough strength I prefer to refuse the booking, I am against collars on the mouth to force the dog to follow me.
I’m very sweet and patient, I’m a very reliable and honest person, I think an animal at home is part of your family, so I do my job with care, I like playing with animals and I’m very affectionate, seeing a happy animal is something that satisfies me a lot.
In my life I have always had dogs saved from some bad situation, in my country I have always been a volunteer. I chose to start this work here because I love being close to animals and I love their honest and positive attitude.
In the case of large animals, I live in a very small house, 48sqm, with a little garden and all fences closed, if they are used to large spaces they may not be at ease, but the positive side is that by staying a lot at home I have the chance to take care of them.
I live alone, I have no family, I’m regularly registered in the Netherlands. I agree to do an interview before you decide to entrust your pet to me, no additional cost.

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12 beoordelingen
Dagopvang | 04-12-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Maribel, Galgo espanol
Vrouwtje, 2 jaar en 5 maanden

Reactie Licia


Uitlaatservice | 01-12-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Licia is erg betrouwbaar en erg lieg voor onxe hond Joy. We zijn supertevreden over haar en onze hond Joy is helemaal gek op haar.
Joy, Labrador retriever
Vrouwtje, 2 jaar en 6 maanden

Reactie Licia

Joy is a very sweetie dog and it is impossible not to love her, always happy, very easy to manage, happy to have worked for you.🙏

Logeren | 24-11-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Licia is very caring for the dogs, our dog was very happy to stay with her!
Sultan, Golden Doodle Groot
Mannetje, 2 jaar en 6 maanden

Reactie Licia

For me, taking care of Sultan was a fantastic experience and thank you for giving me your trust.

Logeren | 18-11-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
We were warmly welcomed by Licia. She shared a lot of her knowledge and experience with dogs. We knew Nena was being left in good hands. We will certainly come back.
Nena, Kruising
Vrouwtje, 11 maanden

Reactie Licia

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed my job, Nena is so sweet, sometimes even dog-sitters need to be cuddled ❤️❤️❤️

Dagopvang | 13-11-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Maribel, Galgo espanol
Vrouwtje, 2 jaar en 5 maanden

Reactie Licia

The five stars are also for you woman, in a month Maribel started to have an expression in her eyes, she started to wag her tail, to play, to say when she's happy and to cry when you leave, maybe I'm a good dogsitter , but you are a beautiful person.

Dagopvang | 13-11-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Maribel, Galgo espanol
Vrouwtje, 2 jaar en 5 maanden
Dagopvang | 03-11-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Excellent dog sitter, my dog loves her! :-D
Maribel, Galgo espanol
Vrouwtje, 2 jaar en 5 maanden
Dagopvang | 16-10-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Licia is an excellent dog sitter! My recently adopted girl who is still skittish got along with her super well - she even refused to leave her place XD She is very knowledgeable about dogs and gave me pieces of good advice. Highly recommended!!
Maribel, Galgo espanol
Vrouwtje, 2 jaar en 5 maanden

Reactie Licia

Thank you, Maribel is very charming and clever, I’m glad that you are happy about my work because I think you are a good mistress and I like to see the progress made by dogs that have been saved and they know love for the first time, surely next time, surely I will see a dog even more beautiful than the one I saw today. thank you so much.🙏

Dagopvang | 15-10-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Licia is een fijne oppas. Ze is dol op mijn hond en mijn hond dol op haar. Licia is flexibel en houdt zich goed aan de wensen van de eigenaar.
Motek, Kruising
Vrouwtje, 10 jaar en 7 maanden

Reactie Licia

Motek is a very creative dog and she doesn't ask for anything, she just wants to play and dig, for me it's a pleasure, thank for give me this work. :)

Logeren | 02-10-19

Geverifieerde beoordeling
Ragù, Vizsla
Mannetje, 6 maanden


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